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CGS Municipal 
Issuer Access

CGS Municipal Issuer Access is an Internet-based service providing tax-exempt issuers with access to CUSIP information for disclosure reporting under SEC Rule 15c2-12.

CUSIP 's 9-character numbering system of universally accepted codes simplifies communication and recording of securities transactions. The CUSIP information provided is intended for the sole use of the Issuer or its authorized representative. The Issuer agrees that the use of CUSIP identifiers and descriptions is not intended to create or maintain a master file of CUSIP descriptions or identifiers for any third-party recipient and is not intended to create and does not serve in any way as a substitute for CUSIP Services.

Search Options

Conduct a basic search by an issuer name or CUSIP or an advanced search by:

  • • Issuer/Security Description
  • • Interest Rate
  • • Maturity/Dated Date
  • • Coupon

The search features also let you exclude certain items from your search:

  • • Insured Issues
  • • Matured Issues
  • • Derivatives


  • • Direct access to the CGS database.
  • • Real-time updates every 5 minutes.
  • • Complete universe of municipal securities.
  • • Fast search capability.