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Scott Preiss

Senior Vice President, Global Head, CGS

Roger Fahy

VP CUSIP Product & Global Data Operations, CGS

Matthew Bastian

Senior Director, CGS Market Development
West Coast Representative

Darren Purcell

Senior Director, CGS EMEA

Eng Ban Ho

Director, CGS Asia Pacific
CGS Data Operations
and Support Services

Gerard Faulkner

Director, CGS Operations

Vinny DeCarluccio

Director, Data Governance

Theresa Dempsey

Director, CUSIP Customer Support

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CGS Agents

The Canadian Depository for Securities LTD

Maxime Boudreau

Ewere Nwange

Bermuda Stock Exchange

Neville Caines

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange

Sandy McFarlane

CGS is the U.S. National Numbering Agency and has agents in countries such as Canada, Bermuda, The Cayman Islands.